Are you over 40 and unhappy with your body or your health?

You don't have to settle! 

You can be Fabulous Over 40™!

FOOD BOSS™ will show you how to lose weight and gain health in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Once we hit 40, it’s all downhill. We suffer from hormonal imbalances, we put on a few extra pounds each year, our energy crashes, we develop brain fog, and we just don’t feel like ourselves anymore. We long for the days when it was easy to lose weight, our bodies were fit, and our energy seemed endless.

Does this bother you? If so, you are right to be bothered!  

In the past 7 years working as a clinical nutritionist, many of my clients have come to me saying they are tired of feeling like they have settled. And they are fed up with trying to eat well only to see no results. 

You may be health conscious and already eating pretty well, and yet wondering why things aren't easier despite all your efforts.

But most of all, you probably don't want to suffer, and at the same time you are looking for sustainable lifestyle changes. 

You probably know by now that there is no magic pill! 

Like my client Valinda. She came to me with elevated blood sugar, extra weight, fatigue, and generally feeling blah. 

She had tried many ways to fix these issues but always ended up not losing weight, or losing it and then gaining it right back. 

Valinda was already fairly healthy and her diet was pretty good but she had a few habits that would often sabotage her efforts. 

She couldn't see how she would be able to lose weight without some serious suffering and eating some boring, low-calorie diet. 


It's for people like Valinda that I created the Food Boss Course. I wanted to help people lose weight and improve their health without suffering! 

I knew it was possible to eat a diet rich in delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare foods, and to lose weight at the same time. 

In Food Boss you will learn about a little-known, but extremely common group of foods that will actually TURN ON YOUR "SKINNY GENES", making your body want to burn fat and build muscle. 

I had discovered in working with many women like Valinda that it was all about the habits. 

When I help women develop lasting healthy habits, the pounds almost effortlessly come off, and energy and vitality go up. 

And when I help women crush urges and cravings, the weight loss journey is so much easier and the self-sabotage does not happen.

In Food Boss I teach women how to use habits to their advantage, how to escape the grip of cravings, and how to develop a way of eating that is both nutritious and delicious, and therefore how to lose weight in a sustainable and enjoyable way. 

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Join a group of people that refuse to give in to “middle age” and let it all go. 

In the Food Boss programs you will be empowered to be your absolute best. You can regain your vitality and energy! 

And that is good because if you don’t take action, it really is only downhill from here. The weight will continue to pile on, the energy won’t get any better, and the risk for disease will slowly but surely climb.  

I am offering you an opportunity to buck that trend and to have fun doing it!

You can take control of your eating and lifestyle habits so that your hormones work harmoniously, your metabolism gets turned on, you have more energy and mental focus, and you become an even better version of you?  


BE JUDICIOUS by observing your body and eating mindfully

EAT NUTRITIOUS by preparing whole, nutrient-rich foods

ENJOY DELICIOUS by preparing tasty, satisfying meals


Crush urges and cravings

I will show you powerful yet simple strategies to help you escape the clutches of stubborn food cravings and urges. 

Develop new habits for life

I will introduce you to a specific technique to develop new habits and show you how to use habits to your advantage; making weight lose seem almost effortless. 

Learn how to use Fat-Burning Foods

"SIRT Foods" are a group of delicious foods that turn on your SKINNY GENES, making your body burn more fat and build muscle more quickly!

Boost your metabolism

You will learn highly effective exercise and lifestyle tips that will make your metabolism work better, so it is easier for you to burn fat. 

Be a part of a community

Experience the power of working in a group of like-minded, supportive people, making the process more fun and fulfilling. 

Be held accountable

I will be with you every step of the way, providing support and holding you accountable so you can reach your goals. 

You will get specific meal plans and recipes. Options will be available for different caloric needs and vegetarian and keto diets. 

The next Food Boss Course will start on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 8 AM EST. It is a 6-week program that meets LIVE online for an hour each week, along with weekly tasks and goals. Seats are limited so sign up soon. 

The curriculum is as follows:  

How to Evaluate Your Diet and Observe Your Body 

Learn one simple action you can take every day to consistently make the right food choices for YOU. (Do this and you'll never wonder again which food affected your body when you suffer health symptoms.)

How to Change Habits  

Habits can be your friend or foe. Learn this simple technique to dismantle bad habits step by step and to build new habits that propel you toward your goal. 

How to Control Urges and Cravings

Urges and cravings are the bane of our existence when we're trying to lose weight and stay healthy. You will learn a very powerful tool for smashing urges and cravings so you won't sabotage your progress. 

PS: All meetings are recorded so you can listen to them at any time afterward

What Past Food Boss Members Have Said

"FoodBoss was the first and only program that made weight loss actually happen for me."  

"In three weeks I've lost over 10 lbs and I'm going to the gym at least 3 times a week. Besides that I take hikes with the dog too. I love the food I eat and that really makes a difference for me.  

The breaking down of all the different elements in our lives, like habits and cravings to what is real nutrition is what made the difference for me.  

Really showing me where to start and how to break down and pick up every single little piece that was needed to change my lifestyle and see what I really needed to work on to make changes happen for me. 

Jill’s education, knowledge, dedication, accountability and follow ups was what finally worked for me!  


My weight loss is 23 pounds now altogether. And my blood sugar is stable and normal. And this is all being OFF Metformin."  

"First off, I need to thank you Jill for all of your great ideas and hard work concerning my situation. What a godsend to me!  

The diet and the particular way you have guided me through what to eat is perfect for me. My blood sugar is still doing awesome and I am on my way to an entire new lifestyle.  

I have weighed today (Friday) and I have lost another pound. Most importantly I have not gained ANY of the weight back. This means more to me than actually losing in the first place. What usually happens is my body fights like hell to return the weight and then I stop losing.  

Everything you have said is spot on, (who knew?) lol. And after much effort we are seeing me turn into a different person, a healthy one.  

Sorry for being so long here, but real important to let you know that you are helping someone live a longer, healthier and happier life."  


"Food Boss is life-inspiring!'  

"Following depression, hopelessness and disgust, I discovered Jill Cruz and her Food Boss program. For the first time in my dieting life, I understand why I am changing my way of eating, and not simply dieting.  

Members of the group have their own wisdom to share and it often resonates in a way that is helpful and supportive throughout my days.  

I so highly recommend this program. For the first time, in probably 20 years, I actually believe in my own success! 

Thank you Jill Cruz for being knowledgeable, approachable, and knowing how to teach in a way that makes me a leader of my own life.' 


"I have dropped 5 lbs. as of this AM and I feel fantastic"  

"The good news is I have been quite conscious about what I have been eating (really ramped up the vegetable count) and still exercising (honestly not quite as much as I usually do because of work commitments)."


"My favorite and most practiced lesson from Food Boss was learning to change my internal and external dialogue. 

This practice of letting my “higher brain” make my food choices helps keep me on track"


About Jill Cruz, MS, CNS

Hi. I'm Jill and I am fascinated by the human body in all its glory. I am dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams. I believe we CAN have it all; health, happiness, passion, love, fun, creativity, and whatever else we desire!

My passion is in helping women be the best version of themselves. Just like you, I want to be my best but I don’t want to suffer or feel deprived. Out of my own experiences, I have created a process that allows women to reach for the stars, but in a way that meets their individual needs and desires, and that is enjoyable. 

For the past 7 years I have worked as a nutritionist in a Functional Medicine office and I have helped countless people achieve their weight and health goals. I have a Master Of Science Degree in Human Nutrition from The University of Bridgeport and I am a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist. 

In Food Boss you get 

  • 6 hours of live interactive sessions
  • Extensive meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and other resources
  • New, sustainable habits
  • Oh yeah, and a life-changing experience

All of this has a value of over $1,500.

And that number doesn't include the value of NOT trying yet another fad diet or quick fix and dropping $100s or $1,000s of dollars on the latest craze. 

Plus think of all the money you have spent or would spend on coaches, trainers, nutritionists, meal plans, and doctor visits? 

And don't forget to include the savings of buying less food and eating less junk food.

When you include all that, the value of Food Boss could be well over $3,000 or more!

But I have set the cost of the full Food Boss online course at $297 to make it really easy for you to sign up. 


You will learn how to take control of your eating and show the food who is in charge, EVEN IF YOU HAVE STRONG CRAVINGS AND BAD HABITS that sabotage your weight loss efforts.  

And I will give you lots of support to make meals that are BOTH nutritious AND delicious, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME TO COOK!  

In Food Boss you will be part of a growing community of people that refuse to settle. I am convinced that aging does NOT have to be this awful, slow degeneration of our bodies. 

You do not have to give in to gradual yet steady weight gain, hormonal craziness, brain fog, low energy, and diminished vitality.

You can be full of energy, highly productive, and clear and focused. 

Passion, vitality, and fun are all within your reach if you are willing. 

You can lean up and have a body and mind that is perhaps even better than in your 20s! 

And this does not have to involve some grueling, boring diet and hours upon hours at the gym. 

In my personal life and with hundreds of clients I have discovered that there a few important things we need to focus on. 

I will guide you step by step through the process of adopting new and highly effective habits, how to be the master of your food instead of the other way around, and how to enjoy foods that will bring you closer to your goals as you look forward to your meals. 

You can have it all!!

If you are ready to sign up, click the button below and you will be taken to the sign-up page for Food Boss. And then, once you sign up you will be sent a welcome email and a link to log in to our Food Boss homepage. 


This is your chance to finally make the changes you have been wanting to do for so long. 

This is your chance to work with a professional that actually CARES about YOU and wants you to be successful. 

It is time to take action and be the person you know you can be. 

And my goal is to help you achieve your goals WITHOUT SUFFERING!

I look forward to working with you!

Jill Cruz, MS, CNS


As we age, losing weight and being full of energy and vitality gets harder and harder.

And no one really wants to suffer through some boring and restrictive diet in order to do it. 

I am here to show you that you CAN reach your health and weight goals and be absolutely fabulous! 

I will support you every step of the way and show you how it's possible to eat well in a fun and appealing way. And how to reach your goals using the tips and strategies I have honed working with hundreds of clients. 

There is a way out and I can show you how!

If you are ready to change your relationship with food forever, click the link below that says "Sign Me Up".

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